Our kitchen is our life. It feeds, grows, changes and adapts itself to the context and to the people.

Gastronomy was designed to pamper our customers everyday. Who loves good food, hardly wants to give it up and why should they do it?

Alice Ristorante's gastronomy is dedicated to those who love good food, seasonal fresh products, traditional Italian and international recipes. To those who need to save time and eat healthier at home in the long run. At the first floor of Eataly Milano Smeraldo store we offer seasonal dishes designed and made with great attention to the raw materials and cooking techniques.

Rotisserie, fryer, take away, cold appetizers, salads, soups, sauces and complete dishes. A line of prêt-à-mangerproducts.

Every day you are able to choose some food and enjoy it at home, in the office or directly here with us. In fact, you can buy your favourite dish and comfortably enjoy the meal on the stage of Smeraldo.

Eataly Today service is also active for online purchases with home delivery.

If you wish to organize catering with a gastronomy menu, contact us for information.


Alice's Ristorante Gastronomy
Every day  - From 08.30 to 22.30
Eataly Smeraldo
piazza XXV Aprile 10, 20121 Milano

For information and reservation
from 10.00 to 15.00 
Tel. 02 49497317




The Christmas Menu of our Gastronomy

Christmas Menu of 2017